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The First Overseas Store

Leading Vintage Hotpot

30-Year Crafted Hotpot Legend

Born and raised in Sichuan in a three-generation chef family, Mr. Guo, the founder of the brand, started his own hotpot recipe with the enthusiasm for spiciness and inspiration of braised food from his childhood memories. After hundreds of experiments, he was finally successful of making his own new flavour of more tasteful hotpot.

Trendy Vintage Taste Endorsed by Stars

Endorsed by three Chinese celebrity friends, Chen He, Li Chen, and Zhu Zhen, with their sharing love of hotpot and spiciness, Xian He Zhuang’s goal is to bring people together with our taste, enjoying the closeness and warmth of friendship like we used to do.

Bring the True Taste Overseas

Xian He Zhuang’s first flagship store overseas is set to launch in Toronto, Canada in 2021. We are committed to bring the true taste of vintage hotpot to our Canadian foodies, proudly showcasing the Chinese food culture and hospitality.
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Mon-Sun: 12PM – 12AM

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